# Finance App

The Finance App is designed to be a lightweight financial management software for small practice, to help teams keep track of project and practice invoices, quotes and expenses. In addition one can also track vendors and clients - and associate them with invoices and expenses.

The following features are available in the App

  • Add and manage client lists (in parallel to project client lists)
  • Practice products and services
  • Vendors - people we pay for services
  • Practice quotes
  • Invoices - money coming in to the Practice
  • Add and manage Expenses


You will need access to the Finance App from your line manager to access the features described in this documentation.

# Finance Settings

Start on this Finance Settings Page (opens new window), to change the settings for your organisation's finance team.


The information you enter here will appear in all your quotes, invoices and expenses.

Finance Software Settings

It is important that you start by setting this information at the beginning of your set-up and test the SMTP settings.

Enter all your practice information as you need it to appear in your official finance docs. Enter the SMTP settings for the email address you would like to use to email clients with invoices and quotes. This is so that clients see your company domain from your invoices and associate your invoices with your practice.

# Finance Dashboard

The finance dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of the current state of affairs within the practice.

Finance Software Dashboard

# Finance Report

You can print out a snapshot report of the current financial data and analytics from the finance dashboard. In order to print the report, click on the "report" button at the top of the page.

Finance Software Report


Both the financial report and dashboard analytics are dependent on the financial year you have set in your settings, if you leave it blank the default start month will be January.