# HR App

The HR App is really designed for HR Managers of organisations. You can do the following on the HR App.

  • View and update HR files (Note HR Managers cannot completely edit the HR File, then can only add employee start-date and edit employee status)
  • Add HR Policies to the system
  • Edit, view and run Payroll

# HR Settings

As HR Manager, the starting point should be the HR settings page (opens new window). This is where the HR Manager can edit the settings of the organisation.They will be able to edit the payroll date and vacation leave allowance for members in the space.

HR Settings Page

The payroll date is the date which payroll must be run, and the leave allowance is the monthly leave days can get credited to employee leave accounts every month. For example, if your company grants your employees 21 leave days per year - you can adjust your monthly leave allowance as 1.75. This will mean that, every month 1,75 days of leave will be added to each employee leave available count.

# HR Policies

Every organisation has HR policies members must follow - create a new policy so every employee can read and access it. From the HR Manager panel, you can (1) create a policy, (2) view the policies, (3) view the number of employees that have accepted each policy and (4) download a list employees who accepted the policy for your records.

HR Settings Page

Only PDF Documents are currently allowed, ensure that you convert your files to PDF before uploading. Employees will be able to see the policies directly from their personal apps. Document control, revision management is excluded from Digital Practice features. However you can state the revision number of the document as you upload it.