# Clients

# Client List


You need project app rights to access the sections described in this documentation.

The Project App is one of the places where you can see the client list for the organisation, access the client list here (opens new window). This enables project personnel to be able to add clients to the platform and associate clients with certain projects. The client list which is visible on this page, is also the same client list visible to the Sales Team and Finance Team.

Project Client List

From the Client list page you can:

  • Create new client
  • Edit client details
  • Create bulk client projects
  • Archive all client projects
  • Delete a client

# Add new client

To add a new client, click on the "add new client" on the top right corner of the page. A pop-u form will appear where you can add new clients to the records.

Add New Client


Clients you add here will also appear inside the CRM App and Finance App.

# Edit Client

To Edit a client, you can click on the action column of the client you want to edit. A dropdown menu will appear with an option to edit.

Edit Client

There is more information required on the Edit Client page, enter as much as possible for your records.

# Create Bulk Client Projects

This is to simplify the process of creating recurring projects for a client. Pick from the list of available recurring projects, select a project manager, start date and frequency of projects. A new project will be automatically created by the system according to these settings. This will continue until you disable the replication here.