# Team HR Records

# HR File List

HR manager can also see some parts of the employee files. The HR File page for managers (opens new window) can be found here. Managers can see the name, appointment dates and some files: (1) CV and (2) Qualifications of the employee. Team Manager HR List In addition only the team members that have the specific user selected as their line manager will appear here. For example, if the company has 12 employees, but only three report to Mr X. Mr X must be set as the line manager for those employees, then he will be able to see ONLY their records.

These records are read only for the manager, but he has the option to download the entire list or any document already uploaded by his/her team.

# HR File detail

The detail page will look like this. Team Manager Detail HR File

In addition to personal address details and files, managers can also see the leave record balance for the employee. This is to enable them to make informed decisions when approving or declining leave applications.