# Lead Meetings

CRM Meetings can be accessed from two locations:

  1. Inside of the detailed lead page
  2. Within their own sales meeting list tab

# Location 1: On the CRM meeting page (opens new window)

CRM Meeting 1

From this location, you can only view or delete a list of meetings, you cannot create a new meeting. This view is useful for querying all the meetings in a department, across all leads. You can perform searches etc from this table.

# Location 2: On the Detailed Lead Page

CRM Meeting 2

From this location you can do the following:

  • Create new meeting
  • Edit existing meeting details
  • Delete meeting


You can only view the meetings associated with the selected lead from this view. In addition when you create a new meeting here, it is automatically added to the selected lead.


# Create a new meeting

To create a new meeting, from the lead detailed page - navigate to the second tab (lead meetings tab) and click on the "add meeting" tab.

Add CRM Meeting

You will be required to enter the following information:

Title of the meeting
Description of the meeting
Date meeting took place

The meeting will be created, you can then access the meeting page, by clicking on the "view details" on the meeting row.

# Meeting Details

The meeting detailed page has the following additional data sets:

  • Meeting action points
  • Meeting attendees
  • Ability to send invites to attendees
  • Ability to edit meeting details

Over and above the information you have already entered when creating the meeting.

Meeting Detailed Page

Meeting actions:

  • Email minutes of meeting
  • View minutes of meeting

You can add meeting action points and attendees as required.


When you add meeting attendees, they will receive a copy of the minutes of email when you send it out.

# Adding Meeting Attendee

Add meeting attendees to record all the people that were present in the meeting. Click on the "add meeting attendees" button and a pop up form will appear that you can complete.

Add Meeting Attendee

Enter the following information:

Form Fields
First Name
Last Name
Email Address

Meeting attendees do not need to be from the same organisation, this is why they can be added manually, however they will receive an email with the minutes when they are sent out.

# Invite Meeting Attendees

You need to follow the step above to add attendees, before you can send them meeting invites. Ensure that the email address added above are correct, as an automatic email will be sent to the attendees with the meeting invite attached.

Click the "send meeting invite to attendees button" and you will see this:

Meeting Attendees Invite

Select your timezone and send, invites will go out to all attendees.

# Add Meeting Action

Meeting actions record all the decisions made in a meeting that require action to be taken. To add a new action, click on the "add meeting action point" button and a pop-up form will appear that you can complete.

Add Meeting Action

Enter the following information:

Form Fields
Title of Action Point
description of action point
Person responsible for completing the action
Due date for the action

# Edit Meeting Action

You can also edit the details of an action that has already been created. Find the action item on the "action items list" and go the the last column called "action", click on the space and open a dropdown menu, and select "edit".

You will see this page below, where you can save and edit your action.

Edit an Existing Meeting Action

# What is next

When you are done with the meeting, you can either email the minutes or view them on the screen as a pdf. Use the buttons at the bottom for the actions.


Try hosting a meeting and typing in the actions, during the meeting and immediately email the minutes when the meeting is over.