Finance Management Software


Managing your business’ finances

Digital Practice’s accounting functionality is essential for your growth as it allows for seamless real-time measuring of project profitability at a resource and consolidated level. This gives you the insights you need to determine whether the exceptional work that you are doing is yielding the benefits that you expect and if not, you are able to implement changes as the project progresses.

  • Goodbye Spreadsheets
  • Do away with spreadsheets with outdated information.
  • Manage your finances
  • Keep track of your finances in real-time - on stress!

Handle your project finances with ease

A powerful tool you can use to quote and invoice your clients for projects, and easily record expenses for your projects. Get a consolidated or individual view of the project profitability.
  • Client Invoices
  • Client Quotes
  • Expenses
  • Profitability

Professional invoicing for a professional business

Provide your clients with professional invoices within a few minutes directly from our practice management platform. Also, keep track of overdue and paid invoices.

Track Invoice Status
Track invoice status from the time you issue them to when payment is made. The finance dashboard gives you the convenience of visualizing your financing with ease.
Email invoices
Set up Digital Practice with your own SMTP settings and email invoices directly to your client with an email address that is easily relatable to your company.
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Quotes could be a door to new business

Providing existing or future clients with quotes opens up a line of communication which bears the potential of future business interactions whether the quote is accepted or not. With Digital Practice’s easy-to-use quotes functionality, you are able to convert quotes into invoices at a click of a button.

Professional quotes
Email professionally structured quotes to your clients with your company logo directly from Digital Practice.
Quote conversion tracking
Keep track of your successful opportunities by measuring your quote conversion rate quickly on Digital Practice.
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Don’t let your expenses catch you off guard

Have a handle on your expenditure through Digital Practice’s expense recording and tracking capabilities. Having sight of where your money is going and how much of it is going there can significantly improve your spending decision-making as well as forecasting.

Document attachment
With Digital Practice, you can easily attach documents and files to your business expenses. This makes it simple and easy to keep track of spending and ensure that everything is accounted for.
List your suppliers
Create a list of approved expenditures and vendors to ensure that approved suppliers are utilized. This simplifies the procurement process for your team as there is no ambiguity on preferred suppliers.
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Get a handle on your performance

Evaluate your firm performance with ease through our profitability view at a project resource level as well as a consolidated company level.

Real-time view of profitability
Always have sight of which projects are worthwhile at the click of a button.
Decision-making made easy
Quickly make informed decisions on resource allocation based on the profitability insights.
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Professional client interactions

Boost your client’s confidence and trust in your business from the first touch point in a project to the last touchpoint by issuing professional-looking quotes and invoices.


Centralized platform

Digital Practice makes it easy for you to create professional and on-brand quotes, and invoices directly from the same platform that you use to manage your day-to-day operations. You are also able to convert your quotes into invoices and change the status of your invoices between paid and overdue.

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Your information is secure, at Digital Practice we use secure and protected cloud servers and firewalls to keep your information as safe as possible. We also advise that users choose secure passwords and change their passwords on a regular basis for security.
You can complete the following actions on the Digital Practice Accounting App:
  • Invoicing: Produce invoices for your clients, and record them against projects on the system. Integrate your Finance to your Project app, by linking invoices to projects and clients.
  • Quotes: Prepare proposals and quotes for clients and projects, and convert quotes to invoices when clients accept invoices.
  • Expense Management: Record business expenses against projects, clients, sales leads or cost centres. Integrate accounting income and expenses to the Project app and CRM app to track how much sales efforts cost the business.
  • Finance Analytics: Analyse the income and expense sources for the business.
  • Finance Reporting: Produce regular accounting reports for your business as required.
Yes, we offer a FREE trial of Digital Practice full suite software, you can create a FREE account, no credit card needed here.
We have very detailed documentation that can be accessed here. We also have a YouTube channel with video tutorials covering every aspect of our software that you can find here.
No, Digital Practice has built-in access control that is set by the company owner when they invite members to the platform. The company owner decides what access to grant to which user. Therefore, only members who have finance app access will be able to view invoices on the system.
Yes, that is the idea. As there is strict access control, you are able to invite an outside member to view your Finance app and that member will only view records associated with the Finance app. They will not have visibility of the HR, Project or CRM app records.
Yes, there are download options for all the information that you enter in to Digital Practice. All data tables can be exported in the following formats:
  • CSV
  • Excel
  • PDF
  • Print