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Goal setting with ease

An objective is a map that gives direction to everyone in the firm when you are not in the room, and each objective has actions that tell the story of how you get there and key performance indicators as the compass.

  • Boost employee engagement
  • Increase team engagement and enthusiasm by aligning the work they do to the strategy of the company.
  • Increase accountability
  • When employees know exactly how their work is aligned with the company goals, they are able to constantly keep tabs on their own tasks.

Achieve alignment between your company and teams

On Digital Practice your goals and objectives are visible to everyone in the firm in real-time, allowing your employees to connect their actions to what matters to the firm.
  • Agile Goal Setting
  • Clear Key Results
  • Goal Task Management
  • OKR Dashboard

Bringing Agility to your goal setting

Digital Practice helps you set agile, concise, inspirational and engaging objectives to motivate and challenge your teams. Because business goals that are not regularly reviewed and revised as the operating environment changes quickly become stale and irrelevant.

Move with the times
Quick access to the company objectives and key results enables easier actioning of pivoting in line with a changing environment where necessary.
Empowering employees
Having clarity and full visibility of the objectives of the company empowers employees to make decisions with agility, in line with the company objectives.
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Measure it, Manage it

Objectives without clear and measurable results have minimal value and even less impact. Set your objective key results on Digital Practice and ensure that everyone in the business knows when the work they are doing is adding value and when changes need to be made to meet the objectives.

Help your employees prioritize and measure the impact of the work they do through setting measurable key results.
Track Progress
Your teams are able to update the progress they have made on the key results as they work on them.
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Supporting goal attainment

The success of your business goals is dependent on how well you execute on set actions. Digital Practice supports goal-linked task management to ensure that you stay on track with the achievement of your goals.

Assign Tasks
Ensure that everyone is clear on their contribution to the greater goal by assigning tasks to key results.
Link tasks to key results
Create links that are specifically linked to key results to drive the achievement of the overall objective.
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Quick full dashboard view

Keeping track of your Objectives and Key Results has never been easier. With the OKR Dashboard, you are able to track the status of your objectives and key results at a single glance.

Quick Actioning
With the OKR dashboard, you are able to quickly see how the teams are performing, allowing you to know exactly where to direct your attention in minutes.
Departmental Segmentation
Gain insight into objectives segmented by the respective departments and easily spot inter-departmental dependencies at a glance.
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Move from Traditional goal setting to OKRs

The problem with traditional goal setting is that it's time-consuming and the process is difficult to follow where goal setting is often a one-time, annual event that results in people losing focus, getting frustrated, and not being accountable. With OKRs you are able to set measurable objectives, break them down into smaller action items, and review your progress regularly throughout the course of the year.


Implementing OKRs with Digital Practice

Determine and refine your company strategy and use Digital Practice to record Objective aligned to the overall strategy, key results and actions that need to be accomplished in order to move the needle forward towards achieving the set objectives. Effectively communicate these OKRs to the entire organization to ensure everyone is aware of the role they play in getting the company to where it aspires to be.

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OKRs stand for Objective Key Results. They are a methodology used to set and measure your strategic goals and targets for your business, organisation, team or personal project. Instead of measuring perfomance, OKRs helps teams to focus on specific targets and objectives. As a results, OKRs are quantitative - measurable and specific. The O - Stands for Objectives, the first step in an OKR process is deciding on key objectives to focus on. Generally it is advised to stick to 5 - 6 objectives for a team. The idea is to pick a few objectives to focus on rather than chasing all the rabbits.
Once you decide on your main objectives, you then select between 3-5 Key Results per Objective. If Objectives were the location, the Key Results are the "how" or the milestones on a road, leading to the main objectives. The idea is, if you achieve the key results that you have selected - you will most likely, meet your objectives. Key results must direcly influence the objective outcome.
You can complete the following actions on the Digital Practice OKR App:
  • Team Collaboration: Invite your team to collaborate on the app. All the members are connected in one space with the ability to view all the objectives and key results with strict access control.
  • Set Objectives: You can set high level objectives as described in the point above. Each objective will have a title, description and responsible person. In addition you can include the start and due date for the objective to assist with time-tracking of the progress when you set the Key Results.
  • Set Key Results: you can then set Key Results connected to the objectives created above. Each key result also has a topic, description and responsible person. Start and due dates are also included.
  • Set Key Results Measurements: You can then report on the Key Results regularly with measurements on perfomance and report on the latest measures. You can attach supporting documentation as well to your Key Results.
  • Reporting: Digital Practice allows you to output PDF reports on the Objectives and Key Results separately in a format that can be shared with any interested parties.
  • Analytics: View progress on OKRs in the OKR dashboard
  • OKR Tasks: Create tasks for your team to work on achieving the Key Results. See your tasks in a Task Board and get daily reminders on tasks when they are due.
The OKR App comes standard in Digital Practice together with the other features HR management and Manager Apps. The pricing can be found on our pricing page here.
We have a 30 day - no strings attached, no credit card required trial, where you can try out all the features of Digital Practice and specifically the OKR app for FREE. Decide if you like it, and you would like to continue with it. You can get started with the Free Trial here.
Yes, goals and objectives can be measured in spreadsheets and shared across the whole organisation. But a cloud SaaS platform like Digital Practice offers the following benefits:
  • The ablity to access the OKRs in real-time from anywhere in the world as quickly as it takes you to log in to your online profile
  • Transparency with your whole team, so everyone is focused on the same objectives
  • Preservation of data, information and knowledge between teams, departments and individuals joining and leaving the organisation
  • Easier auditability and tracking of documents
  • Safe storage of your company information, in cloud based secure servers
  • Smart dashboards and data visualisation
  • Easy and faster reporting
  • The entire team knows in real-time the status of every objective, key results and task - day or night as soon as the information is updated, no need to wait for weekly, monthly and qartely reports to know the current state of the business.