Project Management Tool for Teams


Seamlessly management of all your projects, tasks, meetings and documents from one place

Manage and track everything from day one to the deadline. You don’t have to switch between email, spreadsheets, and other tools to manage your projects.

  • Maintain control over your deliverables.
  • Maintain a centralized record of your project activities to ensure that you never miss a deadline.
  • Manage your Team
  • Efficiently and effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities to your team members.

Manage All Your Client Projects In One Place

Effectively manage all the moving parts of your projects, plan your resources, and considerably increase the probability of providing your clients with desired outcomes. Project management done right, is synonymous with client-centricity.
  • Project Milestones
  • Project Tasks
  • Project Meetings
  • Project Documents

Manage your Client's Work

Split your project into manageable sections. A milestone can represent a major project deliverable or project stage. This allows project teams to work towards more manageable targets, that all work together to achieve the project objective.

Improve Performance
Enhance performance by ensuring that every team member is aware of set targets.
Simplify Collaboration
The entire team is aware, at all times, of the current status of the project.
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Easily Complete More Tasks In Less Time

Digital Practice’s task management functionality will help you finish tasks with efficiency and transparency. Give your staff tasks to complete, keep track of their progress, and let your clients know how things are going.

Personal Task View
Every team member has sight of the tasks that have been allocated to them and the status of tasks.
Calendar Task View
Teams are able to stay on schedule by having an instant view of due tasks on their calendar.
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Improve meeting efficacy, increase productivity

The impact of an ineffective meeting can be felt for hours after it has ended, which makes good meeting management all the more essential. Improve productivity on your projects by sending meeting invites, setting meeting agendas, and compiling and sharing meeting notes all from the Digital Practice platform.

Document meetings
Digital Practice provides seamless tools for teams to document meetings better.
Create minutes
Prepare minutes of meetings as they happen and email directly to attendees.
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Manage your documents, securely

Reduces the hassles that come with document management and keeping track of information requested from clients. Your teams and clients are able to attach documents at a project and task level, making it easier to navigate to the required documents as and when you need them.

Accessible anywhere, anytime
Manage and upload all your documents from anywhere and anytime
Team Collaboration
Work with your team on documents, whether you're remote or in the office.
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Why great task management matters

Your teams can effectively track tasks from start to finish. You'll get a consolidated view of the project state which will help you align on what is required for your project and promote efficiency
within your teams.


Leveraging Digital Practice

Deliver on time and instil confidence in your company through managing your projects with Digital Practice’s easy-to-use interface where you'll be able to manage everything from scheduling new projects to managing staff hours in just a few clicks.

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Project management software helps you to organize your project's tasks, documents files and notes to keep track of project milestones so that you are able to meet your deadlines or identify bottlenecks to meeting your deadlines.
  • Client Lists: Keep a list of all your organisational clients in one place. Read more
  • Client Dashboard: See all your detailed client information in one place, from the projects executed for the client, to the total client value, documents and client contacts. Read more here.
  • Client Access Portal: Invite your client to view project progress, project documents, meetings and invoices directly from an access portal to Digital Practice. Read more here.
  • Project List: See all your project list details in one place, add new projects, etc. Read more here.
  • Project Meetings: Record project meetings as they happen, email minutes of meetings to clients and follow up on meeting action items. The project meeting solution by Digital Practice. Read more here.
  • Project Documents and Notes: Store all your project documents and notes in one place, share and collaborate with your team. Read more here.
Yes, our team is ready to help your migrate your files and documents to Digital Practice. Just get in touch with our support team by sending an email to hello[at]
Most of our tables and come in a data-table format with export keys availabe in the following formats: CSV, Excell and PDF. You can also directly print from the table. If you require more complex export options, please contact support.
Our cloud servers utilise the best and latest in firewall and network security to ensure the safety of your personal and client information. Over and above that, we will never utilize your information for anything else than what it was intended for. Read our privacy policy which governs how we use your information.
Digital Practice comes with a built-in meeting management system that allows you to:
  • Record the meetings attendees
  • Record meeting action items
  • Prepare minutes of meeting
  • Email minutes of meeting
Yes, we have an integrated client access portal for Digital Practice Project Management App. The project Manager can create a client access invitation for any client contact and send them an email to create credentials to access the client portal. Clients can then access project documents, project milestones, project meetings and project invoices in real-time and be informed of the project progress.