HR Management Software for Small Business


Managing Teams Has Never Been Easier

People are the heart of any service business, yet managing them can require a lot of administrative work. Digital Practice’s aim is to facilitate this process and give you the peace of mind you need.

  • Maintain Employee Data
  • Manage your employee information, issue payslips and maintain HR policies.
  • Leave Management
  • Always know where leave balances stand and easily approve or decline leave request.

Managing Team Has Never Been Easier

Manage your team and employees from one place. Track their attendance, leaves, and holidays from your dashboard. Digital Practice helps you in managing your team efficiently and quickly with our simplified HR features.
  • HR Company Files
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll Management
  • HR Policies

All your employees records, stored securely in one place

Gone are the days of maintaining hard copies and spreadsheets. Digital Practices helps you act on employee-related queries quicker as you are able to store your employee files on our cloud-based platform allowing you access to information anytime and anywhere.

Access Restrictions
Employee information is confidential, therefore it is all the more important to ensure that there are strict access measures in place. Digital Practice makes this easier for you.
Legislative Compliance
Complying with data retention and storage does not need to be stressful with Digital Practice’s cloud-based software.
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Leave Management without a hassle

Give your employees the break they deserve from anywhere, at any time, with our easy-to-use leave management functionality which gives you and your employees the flexibility to request and approve leave with visibility of the status of the request.

Tracking leave balances
With the help of our handy and easy-to-use tool, you can keep track of all your company's employees' leave days and ensure alignment with HR policies.
Leave approvals
Line managers can approve or decline leave requests as needed, and keep up with employee vacation plans on the go. Employees are instantly informed of the decision.
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Simple payroll management

Maintain and issue payslips from the same place you manage your practice. Digital Practice’s simple payroll functionality allows you to create and view mock payslips, and send them to your employees directly from the platform.

Manage employee packages
Everything is done in an intuitive dashboard – from benefits and deductions to pay package information - with the ability to produce mock payslips.
Automate your payroll runs
Digital Practice puts the automation of tedious payroll tasks in your hands. Simply set the payroll date and ensure the packages are correct and leave the rest to Digital Practice.
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Communicating your policies has become a whole lot easier

In the absence of clearly defined guidelines, people create their own. Digital Practice simplifies the implementation of company policies by enabling you to communicate the policies to everyone with an auditable trail of when employees have read and accepted the company policies.

Share policies - in one go
Company policies can be shared with the entire organisation at the same time to ensure that everyone is in the loop.
Acceptance of company policies
Employees who read and accept the policy will have their names recorded and shared with the HR manager.
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Time and money-saving HR Solution

Save time and money in your practice by using Digital Practice HR App with integrated payroll functionality to manage employee leave records and payroll,
with ease.


Meeting your needs

The needs of small and medium-sized businesses can be quite different to those of enterprise businesses, which is why Digital Practice has an integrated HR functionality that is affordable, and easy to use with no monthly contracts and cancellation fees.

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The Digital Practice software uses the best in industry cloud-based solutions to deliver best-in-class cloud services, with advanced security and data protection in line with our privacy policy. Digital Practice will never sell your information to third parties for any reason, the information stored on our servers can only be used for the intended purpose.
Information that is deleted by a user in the front-end cannot be recovered, as per our privacy policy - all users have the right to delete the information that is stored by our servers. This action is final and deleted files are unrecoverable.
  • HR Records: Employees can upload their HR information, personal contact information and HR documents. Read more
  • Leave Applications, Approvals: The functionality for employees to apply for leave directly from the platform in a paperless transaction. Managers can immediately see the leave application and approve or decline. Read more here.
  • Payroll: Set up Payroll, create pay packages with benefits, deductions and tax, view mock payslips and schedule automatic payroll runs. Read more here.
  • HR Policy: Share HR Policies with employees in real time, see which employees have read and accepted the HR policy. Read more here.
Digital Practice has built in capability to automate payroll runs, but the HR manager will have to set it up. Follow these instructions in the documentation to set up automated payroll. The important items to set-up are the payroll dates, ensure all the employee package amounts are correct and ensure that the leave allowance is set up correctly in the HR settings page.
Access control is built into the design of the application, only individuals who are granted access to features of the application can access and view them. Therefore is it up to the company management to assign access rights appropriately, HR App access should only be given to HR managers of organisations, as individuals with these rights can view HR records across the organisation.
HR Management apps like Digital Practice are designed to help organisations and businesses to keep their employee records and files safe and secure. The benefits of using HR Management Software include:
  • Easily access HR documents from anywhere, with cloud storage - all you need is to log in to any computer with your credentials to access your HR files.
  • Verifiable audit trail, for access and workflow. Organisations can be comfortable knowing that all access is strictly controlled according to the company’s rules and actions can be traced to the person who performed the action.
  • History and Records - all kept safe. Even after organisational churn, with employees coming and going, the records are always kept in a safe place that can be accessed by the approved people.