Simple Employee Timesheet App


Easy Time Tracking

Enhance transparency and accountability by using Digital Practice’s timesheet management functionality to track productive hours and ensure that you are using your resources optimally.

  • Straight forward time tracking
  • An intuitive user interface with the ability to simultaneously track time for multiple activities.
  • Manage time approvals
  • Quickly and easy create invoices from manager-approved timesheets at the click of a button.

Powerful Time Tracking Software For Professional Services Teams

A simple yet powerful time tracking solution that lets you and your team track work productivity, and billable hours for your projects. Managers have visibility of their team members’ workload which helps improve resource planning as the project progresses.
  • Weekly Timesheets
  • Line Manager Approvals
  • Administration Hours
  • Project Hours

Timesheets should not be stressful

Gone are the days of managing your timesheets on spreadsheets with multiple versions that leave everyone confused and frustrated. On Digital Practice you are able to manage timesheets on a monthly basis, with automated workflows to notify the relevant approver once timesheets have been completed.

Personal Space
The ability for each employee to record and manage their timesheets from the Personal App feature.
Time allocation
Employees are able to easily allocate time spent between project and non-project-related work.
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Effortless timesheet approval

Review and Approve employee timesheets in a matter of minutes with the Digital Practice streamlined real-time timesheet approval functionality.

Holistic timesheet view
Managers have current state visibility of timesheets within various projects under their supervision.
Timesheet approval status
Managers have a view of the approval status of all their direct reports at a glance.
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Manage your time, grow your firm

Whether you bill your clients based on hours spent on projects or outcomes it is important to have a view of what it costs to execute on a per-project basis as this gives insight into which services are highly profitable. This enables you to make decisions towards nurturing these services for further growth.

Complete control
Project managers have complete control over the number of hours available for each task. They can open or close cost centres at any time.
Manage project costs
Intuitive reporting and dashboards make project cost control easy for any project manager.
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A holistic view of resource utilization

Have a holistic view of how you are making use of your most valuable resource - your people! Not only are they able to book time to a project, but they are also able to book time to other (non-billable) activities whilst not working on projects to enable better decision-making on resource utilization.

Managing admin time
We understand that your teams don't spend time on projects alone, and that is why they are able to book time to non-project related tasks.
Granular time tracking
Capability to create specific non-project-related accounts to which teams are able to book time to aid in tracking particular activities.
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Effective time tracking

In addition to business growth, many accounting and bookkeeping firms are constantly looking at the right balance of revenue and profitability. And without costing-tracking software such as timesheets in your business, it can prove difficult to achieve this balance -
including knowing when there are issues with the budgets allocated for your projects.


Managing your project costs with Digital Practice

Digital Practices’ timesheet functionality is integrated with other relevant features housed in Digital Practice such as the project management, finance and the manager to allow for ease of insights into per project profitability, billing where applicable and timesheet approvals by line managers.

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A timesheet is a written record of time spent by an employee on specific tasks within a company over a specific period of time. On Digital Practice timesheets are recorded on a weekly basis, meaning every week an employee will create a record of how they spent their time - between certain projects and overhead tasks.
Timesheets help companies keep track of the workload of different employees and also allow for an auditable record of what employees spent their times on. In cases where employees are working on client projects, they make for the ideal tool to use to create invoices for clients.
You can also use timesheets to record administrative hours not associated with projects such as: leave days and training days. This will help your organisation allocate budgets to these administrative tasks.
This is entirely dependent on your company policies, however, generally, a timesheet is completed by the employee and approved by the line or department manager. It is important that each employee fills in their own timesheet, to account for the time they spent on the project. However, a line manager can decline or adjust a timesheet as they see fit.
The line manager will approve the timesheet on Digital Practice. The project manager is responsible for creating tasks and accounts for employees to book time to as they work on a project, project managers can also deactivate cost centers and codes to maintain control over their projects.
Yes. In that case they will manage the project tasks and also be responsible for approving timesheets.
Once a timesheet is created, the line manager needs to approve it. As soon as it is approved, the project manager will be able to create invoices for those hours. The available hours to book will be visible on the project management dashboard and invoices can be created with just one click.
Digital Practice allows the employee to change their own timesheet, if they made a mistake on the timesheet before the line manager approves it. Once the timesheet is approved, for obvious reasons it cannot be altered.
Yes, each organisation can create their own accounts that suits their business needs. The default overheads accounts that come with Digital Practice are:
  • Administration Overheads
  • Idle Time
  • Training Courses
  • Normal Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Study Leave
  • Family Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Paternity Leave
Yes, you can add and delete accounts as required by your business.